EiB-Projects Done

Earth in Balance - Convention 2018

The first Earth in Balance Convention took place in Markdorf at the Yoga and Siddha Center Zeitwandel. Approx. 40 people gathered at the small center for two days to share their visions for the new world. There were presentations by several different speakers on the topics of permaculture, zero waste, animal well-being, school, integrative health systems, life and death as well as human potential realization. Out of this convention, the school initiative ANANDA was born.

ANANDA school initiative - Since October 2018

Prior to the Congress in October 2018, Katrin and Stephanie's paths were brought together in a powerful way. They felt it was their mission to initiate the project together. At the Congress, they both co-led a workshop through which the founding team came together. A true heart-to-heart effort was born. In the first months, the group met once a month for a whole day on the weekend to work on the new concept. They felt all the time that the project was carried and held together as if by a higher force. Currently, the school is about to open. 

The 1st That Is How We Want to Live – Festival 2019 

In cooperation with Yogafestival Bodensee and the association Wir und Jetzt e.V., Stephanie, Raphaela, Benjamin and Jochen have initiated and built up the So wollen wir Leben-Festival together in 2019 on Benjamin's initiative. For five days, they experienced in community how it feels to live in the energy of the new age. 

Children’s Villages for the New World 2021

After the decision was made to dissolve the organizational structure of Earth in Balance, Stephanie received the intuitive message to preserve the vision. She founded a new organization, named In Harmony with Nature e.V., which was mainly dedicated to the earth’s energy healing. Under this umbrella it was her intention to keep the vision as an inspirational platform for the time being. When Nadine and Stephanie met in November of 2020, their future path was revealed to them. When they met again after three years, both of them knew, that they were meant to combine their paths and their previous work and make them into one. Mother Earth in Harmony is now the product of their joint work. Nadine is the founder of the organization "Children of the Sun - Casa del Corazón e.V.". Their first mutual project will be building a Children’s Village in Peru.