About Us

In 2016 Stephanie intuitively received the vision of Earth in Balance from the spiritual world. Within a few days she wrote it down. Initially, an association emerged from Erde in Balance in 2017, which worked primarily in the German region. The association structure dissolved in 2020. A school initiative emerged from that time, which was found through the 1st EiB Congress and which Stephanie had the privilege to co-initiate. The initiative developed a school concept (ANANDA) for the children of the new era and is currently in the process of opening the first school in southern Germany.


In November 2019, Stephanie was sent on a three-month journey through Europe by her spiritual guidance. Within this time, she traveled to 13 countries in Europe to do healing work for Europe at various locations in each country. On this trip, Mary, the Mother of God, came into her life in a deeply touching way. She wrote a book about this trip. Since this journey she has been under Mary's spiritual guidance from time to time.


After it was decided that the association structure would dissolve, Stephanie felt that she should preserve the vision for the collective, to further inspire people to help build the new world. She founded the association "In Harmony With Nature e.V.", which is primarily dedicated to the energetic healing of the earth and the spreading of the wisdom and knowledge of the Rishis and Siddhas. Under this she wanted to preserve the vision first as an inspirational platform. From this came the idea to change the original format of EiB and let EiB become a worldwide inspiration and networking platform for the collective and world-changing projects, as well as offer training and education for the new era. 


Then in November 2020, Stephanie and Nadine's paths were merged. Their first original meeting was three years earlier at a peace ceremony at the Soul Temple (Atma Mandir) in Bremen. The beginning of their wonderful shared and powerful journey, however, was initiated by the spiritual world three years later. During their reunion in November 2020, their common heart connection as well as their deep common connection to Mary was revealed. Nadine is also repeatedly guided to Marian places at home and abroad and feels her loving guidance.  


When they met and both told each other their heart visions, they both felt all the wonderful commonalities and the deep knowing at the same time to make ONE common from both paths. 


Around this meeting, magical occurrences revealed themselves, which made it clear to both of them that they had come together in the name of Mary to work and serve together for the building of the new world as well as for the children and their future on this earth. 


Thus, Earth in Balance became the joint initiative "Mother Earth in Harmony",

which now puts itself at the service of:


In Harmony With Nature e.V.  &  Children of the Sun - Casa del Corazón e.V.